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Targets and Scoring

Know your enemy!

The CSR discipline is no easy discipline to shoot in, not least as the targets are military standard targets, but have scoring zones as well.
Get used to the target sizes and types used, and know how big each scoring zone is on each target type as they are different.

This graphic has been pulled from the CSR handbook, basically because it is all you need to know. These targets cover the Service Optic and Practical classes, not the Historic and Open sights, those classes often use different targets (check handbook for details if those are the classes you are interested in.)

Be clear, that a centre hit will give you a score of 5, and in most cases anywhere else will be a 4! 


The Urban contact match uses the Reflexive Figure 11 and Figure 14 window scoring (Fig 11, Fig 14 Windowed examples):-

Whats the difference in Figure 12 and Figure 12c?


The Figure 12 is a larger target but the 5 scoring ring is the Inner ring on the target. it is the reverse for the Figure 12c.
Think: Large target, small ring, small target, large ring.
Note the Figure 12c 5x score ring is 40mm smaller than the figure 12 5x score ring.

Well, you only shoot the Figure 12c at 100yds.

Easy to hit? Not as easy as you would think given Wind, Rain, Position, Time etc.

Check the CSR handbook for more info on scoring!

Chart of distances and Targets

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