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Where to start on your pathway to CSR competitions?


2022 was my first season shooting in the Winter league, I started my path by booking on an NRA CSR Skills Course which are run by the NRA with coaching by experts in the CSR discipline.
The courses come in two guises, a beginners skills course and an advanced skills course, both are designed to help you improve your positional shooting techniques.

The courses focus on practical range work, including target marking. The emphasis will be on the Application of Fire in each shooting position: prone, sitting, kneeling/squatting and standing. Training will be measured through test Practices, including shooting a Match under match conditions. In addition, Dry Training will be conducted as part of background activity.

Whilst we all shoot prone or perhaps kneeling positional shooting at our local ranges, its probably rare to get into the sitting or standing positions for example, and even less so under time constraints when targets are exposed for a short period of time where you need to react!
These courses allow you the opportunity to practice these positions and get some coaching. Practical shooting is not target shooting, it is far more of a challenge and far more interesting (in my opinion of course).


My advice, get yourself on a CSR skills course, they are very well organised, excellent value and I guarantee you will come away with some new found knowledge, I certainly did!

Find out more at:-

CSR Skills Development Courses 



Figure 14 Sniper Target
CSR Course Activity
Century Range Butts
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