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A few tips on getting through a season efficiently, and in no particular order.

Of course, this is my thinking, not everyone elses!

1. When you bomb up your mags, make sure you have 10 rounds in the mag and make sure you can confirm that when you get to the firing point. I  have seen a few shooters fire 9 rounds for one reason or another, lost a round in transit, came out of the mag in their bags etc etc.
I like to permy mark my 10th/top round so I can quickly check the top round on the point before I stick the mag in the rifle.
Remember, a lost round is a potential 5 points!

2. Number your magazines.
If you have a failure, bent feed lips or whatever it may be, you can quickly note the mag to check later and prossibly replace.


3. Mag pouches. This is personal preference, I have a belt with 4 mag pouches on, I like to have this with me for certain shoots, run downs and so on, I know I have my mags!
Many shooters don't bother with a mag belt, its up to you.


4. Sling. Again, personal preference, I use a sling to support the firing position for all kneeling, standing and sitting shoots. My only advice here is make sure you are comfortable, get practice in with the sling fitted and get used to it, its too late on the day!


5. Scope position. Should be obvious, but you won't be able to move the scope along the rail on the firing point. Make sure you are comfortable that the eye relief works in all positions for you and stick with it.


6. Gloves. To shoot with or without. Only you can make that decision. I tend to favour gloves, but often my right hand without a glove, and have a glove just on the left supporting the rifle. I like to have the dexterity with my trigger finger and charging hand.


7. Drills. Get proficient with competition drills and words of command. It can be fast and furious on a practice, especially on the UCM match:-

The Load: Magazine with rounds to the rifle.
The Ready: Charge the rifle (put a round in the chamber)
The Unload: Remove the magazine, check breech, bolt face and magazine housing as empty, working parts forward and fire off the action.
The Make Safe: Full unload followed by a load (not ready!)
Show Clear. Firers are expected to self declare Safe by raising their hands when a practice is finished.

8. Safety. Make sure you take your safety flag to the firing point with you, have a spare in your bag! You will be expected to show clear when a practice is finished.


9. Policing brass. Have something to stick your fired brass in. I have a little canvas bag with a drawstring on it, it sits in my pocket ready to fill up! If you are reloading brass, you will want to make sure you don't leave a man behind!! There is enough time to grab your brass.

Routine. This should become a routine, a checklist if you will, you are responsible for safety on the firing point, it is not just the Range Officer or the guy stood behind you, know the commands, Know the COF (Course of Fire) and don't be afraid to put your hand up if you are not ready!!

Filled AR15 magazine
Numbered AR15 magazines

Download a Score card template.
Cut these out and glue into a small notebook, handy to record your scores as they come in from the butts:-

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