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What to Expect

Its the first time you have booked on to a CSR shoot and have no idea what to expect or what is going on! Fear not, we have all been there so don't worry.


Lets run it through from the beginning.

Firstly, you will have booked and paid to shoot on one of the league events. If you haven't yet done so, ask when booking to be squadded with an experienced shooter!

The tuesday before the event,  you will be notified that the squadding sheet is available to view, normally an email reminder comes out with the link to that document. 
Check this for your pairing and lane number as well as  your detail. These sheets can change and a final version is always posted on the 300yd car park Noticeboard to the right of Century on the day of competition.

Squadding sheets will tell you where you need to be, typically Details A&B will fire first with Details C&D operating the butts and targets.

Get to Bisley and head straight for the 300yd car park to the right of Century unless directed otherwise! Depending on whether you are shooting first or in the butts will help you decide where to park (300yd car park right of Century or Short Siberia Car park).

Range briefing. This is mandatory and takes place on the range (300yd firing point) around 7:45-8am.
                                                                               DO NOT BE LATE!                                                                               
I guarantee that someone will tell you off if you turn up in the middle of the briefing!

Once the range briefing is done, and we will assume you are on detail A or B for this, go grab your gear and head to the firing point and your lane. The course of fire for the day will tell you where you are starting: 500, 300 etc. Your lane pairing will be there and can give you advice as you go.

Shooting. On your detail, Detail A shooter will fire first, Detail B shooter will act as safety.
When the practice is finished the targets will be marked and scores will be collected and passed to the firer. Targets will then (in most cases) come back up with spotting discs in.
Take note of where your rounds are going, this first practice is perfect to see your adjustment and wind effect especially if there are no sighters on the practice.

Once the targets go back down, the second shooter will be called forward to get ready to shoot. You will carry out this format for each practice stage, shooting alternatively.

Once all that is done and both shooters have finished all of their practices, been cleared and collected their brass, it is time to swap over with those in the butts. Get down to the butts as quickly as you can, the quicker everything is done, the quicker everyone gets away. If you start in the butts, you will be directed to set up your lane targets.

In the butts you will need to listen carefully, you will be expected to operate the targets, score the targets, paste up and give scores to the butts wing officer. Your opposite will help you!


You do all of this twice in a day where you have booked onto both AM and PM shoots.

Note, lunchtime on Century is 12:30 - 13:30, in most cases no shooting allowed over these times, this sometimes can change dependent on circumstances.

Enjoy and do not be afraid to ask questions.


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