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Roupell & Roberts Practices

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Standing Fire-trench Practice

Who doesn't love to shoot on an ETR range? These two competition shoots this season were on the Pirbright ETR range with the Roupell shot in the morning on April 9th. Good weather blessed the day though it was a little cold! Both shoots use Figure 14 targets at 100m and Figure 12's at 200/300m, these are fall when hit targets. The challenge is making sure your zeroed correctly and know your aim points, typically competitors zero at 300 and use low points of aim at 100 and 200m. Targets on both shoots come up fast and are only up for around 3 seconds, so you have to be quick :). Over the day shooters are expected to be proficient in the following shooting positions: Standing, Kneeling, Kneeling supported, Standing firetrench, sitting and prone. Match Conditions Weather: Sunshine 👌 Temp: 9°C Wind: 2 mph SSW Ground: Damp

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