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CSR Matches November 22

AM Long Range Practices PM Short Range Practices Weather: Rain most of the day Temperature: 9 degrees Wind: 4 - 10mph left to right. Another great day on Century, all be it a wet one once again, at least for details A & b on the AM shoot. The rain was persistent though not heavy and just got into your scope lenses to make life difficult :) Wind was reasonably steady at 4-5 mph through out the morning but got a little heavier in the afternoon up to around 10 mph reading left to right across the range. Long range practices are always enjoyable giving the shooter various positional test including prone and sitting from 500 - 300yds. The short range practices were more manageable for most with plenty of 10 washes at 300 prone, again nice shoots like the Bisley bullet enjoyed by most, the test of skill is getting those rounds into the 4 inch scoring ring at 200 yds, not as easy as it looks! Bring on December, but lets cross our fingers for a dry day :

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