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CSR Matches April 2023

Matches:- AM Roupell Match PM Roberts Match Weather: Clear but overcast Temperature: 8 degrees C Wind: 1 mph left to right at times, mostly no wind!

Range report below the video.

Snapshot: Roupell Practice 4, Snaps at 100/200, Standing or kneeling

The final shoots of the winter league season, the Roupell and Roberts matches are shot on a SARTS target range, this year it was held at Ash Ranges. After initial issues with some non functioning lanes/targets, which then meant re arranging and managing the competitors into new details, shooting got underway. The Roupell is a dynamic shoot, firers stay on the point and shoot the whole match, it involves some positional changes and includes shooting from prone, a fire trench practice, shooting from the post in the kneeling supported position and finishing with the standing or kneeling snap practice at targets out to 200m. This is a favourite with most shooters as it is a relatively quick shoot, testing stamina in an advance to the point from 25m, then non stop through to finish, targets are mix of fall when hit and an up and hold on practice 1. The Roberts this year was a reduced shoot to just practice 1 and practice 3 due to the time available, but these two practices test the shooter with an advance to fire in prone position to then rattle off 20 rounds with a mag change in whichever order suits, typically shooters aim to get off as many rounds at 100 as possible, 7 or 8 on the 100 is good, a few at 200 and change mags, then a full 10rnd mag at 300. This practice was then quickly followed by practice 3, sitting at targets coming up at 300 / 200. Most if not all shooters will still have their hearts pumping from practice 1, so thats the test, get into a stable sitting position and knock them all down. Big thumbs up for the organisers, tough rounding up shooters for each detail and also running the range as range officers, non stop all day. Well done all!

Next shoot: The Imperial Week 28th June - 2nd July 2023 NRA photos available here

Some photos courtesy of Paul Deach

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