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CSR Matches December 2022

AM Short Range Practices PM Long Range Rural Match (Amended) Weather: Dry, overcast, poor light in the morning Temperature: 5 degrees Wind: 3 - 9 mph right to left.

Targetry instructions: Frankie Graham :)

A good days shooting for all, with no rain, it made for a nicer more enjoyable experience. The first session for details A & B started with poor light following a little fog but it quickly cleared. New white backed targets tested out for those shooters using irons, they seemed to work well and were much easier to see against the dark sand butts. The AM Short range practices always prove to be popular, this session saw a 100yds sitting practice just to mix things up a bit, scored on a Figure 14 windowed target, no easy feat getting your rounds into a 4 inch scoring ring from a sitting position! The PM session was the Long Range Rural match, again, a popular shoot with the 500 - 300yd run down to test everyones fitness, stamina and ability to get into positions comfortably. January brings more challenges, everyone will be looking forward to it I am sure. Results

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