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CSR Matches February 2023

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Matches:- Short Range Match & Urban Contact Match Weather: Clear and Sunny (amazing!) Temperature: 6-10 degrees Wind: 5-9 mph right to left gusting Range report below the video.

Video: 100yd Practice, 5x Double exposures, Standing/Kneeling, Fig 12c The Short Range Match and the Urban Contact Match (UCM) day shoots mean that the day is on a rotation for shooters (Century, Butts, UCM), it was an enjoyable day, made even better when the weather gods send you light manageable winds and sunshine. It was a little cold to start with though, Brrr!

The Short Range Match giving lots of 10 washes across the range, always nice to get one or two of those, the obligatory run down (now with a locked in 60 seconds!) and a standing practice at 100yds. It doesn't get better than that right? A decent day for working the targets too in the butts, those stickers actually staying in place well for a change :) The UCM is possibly the most enjoyable and fastest paced shoot we have on the calendar, but also one of the hardest to get right as it tests movement, standing and kneeling supported positions as well as very short range standing and kneeling unsupported positions under tightly timed practices. Short Siberia sports that deep pebble stuff so getting some speed up between firing points when advancing is hard work for some of us! As always, thanks to the NRA organisers and RCOs and "Volunteers" on wing duties for making each competition a smooth running machine. Bring on March (but lets have another nice day weather wise eh).

Video: 200yd Practice, 2x exposures 20 secs, Sitting, Squatting, Kneeling, Fig 12

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