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CSR Matches January 2023

AM: Long Range Practices PM: Short Range Practices Weather: Rain, overcast, high variable wind Temperature: 11 degrees Wind: 9 - 12 mph left to right gusting

A difficult morning given that intermittent showers and high winds were a challenge for all. Those able to get it right at 500 are to be congratulated, some good shooting for sure. The long practices are one of the most challenging as they test prone and sitting positions at distance. The 3x practices at 300yds gave better scores as the wind was largely consistent at 10mph and starting the 300 practices in prone is always good to get your bearings. Of course, the butt parties are challenged too with wet targets, not so sticky stickers and holding up targets in high winds, well done to all today for your efforts. The PM session started off with the Bisley bullet, again, getting this right gives the shooter confidence for the rest of the afternoon. The weather again was hampered with light showers but the wind had dropped to a round 6 mph, which for most was manageable. Congratulations to those marksmen grabbing anything higher than 40/50 on the final two 100 yd practices. Points are invariably dropped in the standing practices! Click for NRA Facebook Pictures

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