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December 2023 Matches

Matches: AM Short Range Practices. PM Long Range Practices Location: Bisley Century Range Weather: Showers/Overcast

Temp: 05 Degrees Wind: up to 2.5 mph left to right. Distances: 500 - 300 Long Range Practices 100 - 300 Short Range Practices

For a December shoot, the weather was kind, I believe everyone had expected bitter cold temperatures and probably driving rain (I certainly did), but it wasn't to be. A few light showers in the morning and one or two in the afternoon coupled with a what seemed a Mild 5 degrees temperature was definitely pallatable. Some excellent shooting through out the day giving some excellent scores, looking at the league tables, spinning those around a little too with a real mix of match winners. Century didn't disappoint with its wet and soggy ground making for the odd water hazard on the run down from 500yds, but as the run down timings are now 60 seconds, it was very manageable.

Big thanks to the efficient running of the matches by the RCOs, Wing officers and Butts crews. Few pictures donated from shooters and Paul Deach (NRA Photographer). Click to enlarge)

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