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January 2024 Matches

Matches: AM Long Range Practices. PM Short Range Practices Location: Bisley Century Range Weather: Overcast with the odd bit of sunshine

Temp: 6 Degrees Wind: up to 5 mph half value right to left. Distances: 500 - 300 Long Range Practices 200 - 100 Short Range Practices

Again, another fortuitous day with the weather, reasonably mild, light wind and no rain!

After the rains the previous week, the ground on Century was quite boggy, but no run downs to contend with though, thank heavens for waterproof boots!

Long Range Practices Nice start to the day, when everyone thought there was no wind, at 500, there was a little wind apparently. From my own perspective, my 2 sighters were bang on, then I got a 1-9-0! with 9 just sliding off to the left of the scoring zone. The wind to note was around half value right to left toward the firing point at about 4-5 mph. These practices included a couple of sitting practices at 400 and & 300 to mix it up and split the scores, which it did, get your sitting position right and you can bag some points! Short Range Practices Again, nice start to the afternoon with the Bisley Bullet, difficult to get right, small score zone and a little wind making high scoring tricky for all. I guess the final 100 practice with the obverse stand and kneeling is hard to get right, a target up and from kneeling into standing to shoot 2 rounds is actually quite hard. Again, its splits up the scores, good to see.

Thanks to all RCOs, Wing officers and diligence on the targets by all, made for a smooth set of practices! Few pictures donated from shooters and Paul Deach (NRA Photographer). Click to enlarge)

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