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CSR Shooting Bisley

The CSR (Civilian Service Rifle) competition is designed to test shooting skills in multiple disciplines over various distances using Civilian equivalent or adapted service rifles.

The competition takes place at Bisley in Surrey, there is a winter league running from October to April each year as well as a 4 day summer competition called the Imperial meeting.
The Pennine Shooting Sports Association also run CSR competitions at Diggle Ranges near Oldham.

This small website is here to show and explain what CSR is all about for anyone interested in having a go.

The published rules around CSR and competing, all you need to know about what is and is not allowed.

Some personal thoughts on how to equip yourself for a season in the CSR league.

Should you reload for a seasons competition, or would you be better off buying factory ammo?

My thoughts on this topic.

All you need to know about all of the above. Target types, how scoring is managed.


CSR has plenty of shooting

CSR has plenty of walking

CSR has a good amount of waiting around

CSR Butts Bisley
Century Butts Bisley

CSR relieves boredom

Century Butts Bisley
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